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Affordability, Flexibility and Transparency.

NOVUM HOMES was created from a family of multi-generational home builders.

During the height of the great recession, they came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way to meet the needs of  home buyers.  What they created was a completely new way of interacting with customers.  They wanted their clients to have the opportunity to literally build their dream home whether they were on a budget of $150K or $600K.  They set a fixed builders fee and decided to give all options to their customers at cost.  They let their customers choose any lot they want and build any home they can dream up.  They give complete flexibility in choosing which vendors and subcontractors  customers can use, as well as allowing unlimited sweat equity items.  They went to work developing custom-made software systems that give  clients unparalleled access to every aspect of the homebuilding process.  They developed new ways for their team to interact with their customers throughout the construction process.

Simply stated, they are committed to becoming the best value, most customer-friendly and trustworthy builder.   

Novum Homes Plans

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